Welcome to North Coast Insurance Services

Insurance is a necessary expense. Over the years, our lifestyles have become more complicated, and inflation has risen. It has become apparent that hardworking individuals need to be protected from emergencies that can pop up in life. At North Coast Insurance Services, we aim to provide our customers with the most comprehensive insurance knowledge we can. This knowledge will help you to make the best insurance decisions for you and your family anywhere in the great state of Michigan.

Home/Condo/Renter's Insurance/Seasonal and Secondary Homes

Whether you rent or own your home, insurance is an integral part of protecting your family. During an accident which damages your property or belongings, you will want the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected. We can help you pick a policy that is right for you.

Auto Insurance

Most of us need an automobile to function every day. Making sure that this vehicle is adequately insured is essential to your safety as well as to your financial security. Operating an uninsured vehicle, or a vehicle that is not adequately protected can be risky. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you are also putting other drivers on the road in danger as well. Besides, you are putting yourself in financial jeopardy if your car is severely damaged during an accident. North Coast Insurance Services can help you choose the best auto insurance for your family.

Farm & Ranch Insurance

Your farm or ranch is your livelihood and your home. In today's evolving agricultural environment, you want to make sure you have the most comprehensive protection available and at the best price! We can offer you broad coverages to protect against emerging risks at a reasonable price. Your Farm & Ranch policy protects you against specific losses or damages to your property including your residence, personal property, outbuildings and farm personal property. It also provides liability coverage, with medical payments to others automatically included. Please contact us anytime with any questions you may have about our Farm & Ranch policy specifics.

Life/Commercial/Umbrella Insurance

Life insurance, commercial insurance, and umbrella insurance are other types of policies that we provide to customers in Michigan. Our policies are created to provide maximum coverage to put your mind to rest.

Vacant and Tenant Landlord Insurance

Protecting your property from damage or liability while renting out a home or apartment needs to take priority when shopping for coverage. A policy from NCIS can prevent major financial issues should repairs need to be made or a liability issue settled.