Home Insurance in Michigan

Home insurance, or homeowner's insurance as it is commonly called, can be a basic policy, or you can have it customized by North Coast Insurance Services in Lexington, MI to fit your specific needs in several ways. If your home is financed, your mortgage company will require you to have home insurance in Michigan to protect their investment. When you pay off your home, it is a good idea to keep a home insurance policy to protect your assets. You never know when damages can occur and be very costly.

What is a Basic Homeowner's Policy in Michigan?

A basic home insurance policy covers property insurance to cover any damages or losses to the house and also to any assets in the home. The policy usually covers exterior damages, interior damages, damaged or loss of personal property, and any injuries that someone may sustain while on the property. Your home insurance policy in Michigan will pay out to you to repair or replace items that are damaged by fires, storms, or other weather conditions. This can also include heavy snow that damages a roof. It will also pay medical expenses for injuries to another person that they sustained while on your property. It can cover additional living expenses while your home is being repaired if it is uninhabitable at the time to help pay for shelter and food.

What are Additional Coverages in Home Insurance?

If you wish to protect your home and belongings further, you may elect to purchase flood and earthquake insurance to add to your primary policy. Most home insurance policies do not cover these items. If you have expensive or rare items, such as paintings or jewelry, you can purchase a rider to include these items also. A basic policy would only cover a small portion of the actual value or expensive and rare items. At North Coast Insurance Services, we understand your needs to be protected fully on your home insurance. Drop by and visit our office. We can sit down and discuss your exact needs so your homeowner's insurance in Troy or Lexington, MI can give you the protection your home deserves.