Do I Need Umbrella Insurance In Lexington, MI?

If you have a home, boat, or auto insurance, you might feel like you don’t need further coverage. But you might be wrong. While your current insurance is vital, it doesn’t provide you sufficient liability coverage. When lawsuits come raining, your typical liability coverage may run out, putting your assets on the line. So, what’s next?

Umbrella insurance from North Coast insurance Services of Lexington, MI would save the day when your current liability coverage limits are exhausted.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is the extra liability protection that saves the day for claims that exceed your current liability plans. The best way to view umbrella insurance is like a safety net that comes to your rescue when faced with substantial financial liabilities. 

Umbrella insurance protects you against the below:

  • Bodily injury caused to others
  • Property damage to third parties
  • Personal liabilities like libel, slander, false arrest, and malicious prosecution

Do I need umbrella insurance?

There is a popular misconception that umbrella insurance is for the wealthy. This statement can’t be further from the truth. Umbrella insurance is appropriate for anyone as long as you earn a livelihood. You see, legal claims can befall anyone. As such, you need umbrella insurance to protect your assets and future earnings when lawsuits come calling.

While umbrella insurance applies to most people, if you fall in the below categories, you might want to consider umbrella insurance seriously:

  • You have significant assets or earnings to safeguard
  • You own particular breeds of pets that can bite
  • You coach youth sports
  • You are involved in risky hobbies like skiing and hunting
  • You own a business
  • You own a home, boat, or vehicle
  • You or your loved ones have a social media presence

Would you like to purchase umbrella insurance? Contact North Coast insurance Services today. Better yet, you can visit our Lexington, MI offices to speak to one of our agents.