Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices and Their Influence on Your Insurance Policy

Supplementing your motorcycle with security devices remarkably reduces the theft risk, ultimately impacting your insurance coverage requirements. This article examines various anti-theft devices and how they influence your insurance policy.

The Power of GPS Systems

A Global Positioning System (GPS) significantly deters theft by offering real-time tracking of your motorcycle’s location. This handy device can be concealed under your motorcycle’s dashboard. Once installed, you can remotely monitor your bike, thereby improving its security.

Robust and Modern Locking Systems

In addition to GPS Systems, modern locking systems also impede potential thieves by disabling the bike from being moved from its current location. With many locking systems available on the market, finding one that provides adequate protection for your motorcycle becomes possible and straightforward.

If your motorcycle is frequently parked outdoors in an unsheltered area, enhancing it with a robust locking system drastically minimizes the likeliness of theft.

Policy Changes After Security Additions

Installing anti-theft devices often necessitates modification of your insurance policy. Your updated insurance coverage should specify the advanced systems installed. Post-installation, an assessment will be conducted to determine the resulting risk value. This assessment impacts the amount of coverage your policy requires.

If you acquire additional anti-theft systems, remember that your motorcycle insurance policy will again warrant tweaks.

How To Proceed

Regardless of your security and safety concerns, our North Coast Insurance Services representatives in Lexington, MI, are eager to advise you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require information on motorcycle coverage or the variety of anti-theft devices compatible with your bike. Ensuring your peace of mind is our priority.