Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Classic Car Insurance in Michigan

When you have a classic car in Michigan, you have a lot of extra responsibilities for taking care of it. Classic car insurance is one of those responsibilities. This kind of car insurance is not going to be like your everyday use Michigan auto insurance policy.

At North Coast Insurance Services, we want Lexington, MI residents to feel secure with their classic car insurance policy. Before you design your policy, make sure you have all of your questions answered.

What is a Classic Car?

In Michigan, you need classic car insurance if your car meets the classic car criteria:

• A car at least 26 years old
• Well-maintained, drivable, safe to drive
• Not used for everyday
• Stored according to regulations

What are the Driving Requirements for Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car driving is not the same as everyday auto driving. It is a skill that insurance companies want left to the best drivers. To hold classic car insurance in Michigan, you need to meet certain criteria:

• You must have a very good driving record with no major reports in 3 to 5 years
• You must have a separate vehicle for everyday use

There are some insurance companies that may require a minimum age to drive a classic car, or a minimum driving history for years of driving.

What You Need With Classic Car Insurance

When you have classic car insurance, you want it protected from financial risks. There are a number of minimum requirements for classic car insurance, that will provide liability and property damage.

You can also get insurance that covers you for proper towing and roadside assistance in the event your classic car is in a collision. Towing a classic car is not the same as towing an everyday use vehicle.

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