4 Benefits of Michigan Motorcycle Insurance

If you value your motorcycle in Lexington, MI, you can’t afford to ride without motorcycle insurance from North Coast insurance Services. Motorcycle insurance prevents you from incurring expensive bills from your pocket when accidents and other perils strike. If you are contemplating purchasing motorcycle insurance, you are on the right track. Below are the benefits you will enjoy.

Compliance with the law

Under Michigan law, motorcyclists are required to have minimum liability coverage in their motorcycle insurance. This coverage provides bodily injury and property damage coverages for accidents you are deemed liable for. Without the state-required motorcycle insurance, the bike owner is automatically disqualified from enjoying the no-fault insurance benefits. 

Protection of the asset

Whether you use your bike to run errands, commute, or have fun, it must have cost you several thousands of dollars. If you are uninsured and a disaster occurs, you will have to finance repairs and replacement of your bike from your pocket. Thankfully, if you have comprehensive and collision coverages, your insurer covers damages to your bike up to your coverage limit.

Medical expenses coverage

Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic. Without health insurance, you are faced with expensive medical bills that can ruin your finances. Thankfully, if you have PIP or medical payments coverage, medical expenses for you and your passengers are well-taken of despite who was at fault for the accident.  

Roadside assistance coverage

Sometimes, your beloved machine can let you down. It can break down unexpectedly when away from home. However, when you have the roadside assistance add-on, you access services like towing, gas delivery, puncture repair, and other roadside repairs to get you back on the road ASAP.

Buy motorcycle insurance today!

Having seen the benefits of motorcycle insurance, the next step is to purchase coverage from North Coast insurance Services. Contact us today, and we will help you protect your asset.