Why you should have renters insurance in Lexington, MI

The United States has about 43 million renters, which is more than 30% of all households. More than 40% of those renters don’t have renters insurance. That is pretty risky. At North Coast insurance Services in Lexington, MI, we would like the opportunity to tell you about the many benefits of renters insurance and why you should have it. We are an independent insurance agency and our team of agents works for you, our customers, not the insurance carriers. 

Why Renters Insurance

It covers your possessions

You may think that your landlord has insurance and it covers your stuff. You are wrong, his insurance covers his stuff. You are on your own. If you have renters insurance it will replace the things that you have now. You decide at what rate, you can choose the current value with depreciation or what it cost to replace it. If you have lots of stuff. Making an inventory will help you to remember what needs replacing. 

It provides liability protection

No one likes to think about being sued but in the world today it is always a possibility. Someone could visit your rental and get injured and you could be required to pay for their medical bills. If they get a lawyer, legal action against you. If you own a dog, having liability insurance is a good idea and if you have children and they have a trampoline, it is a big risk. 

You will have a place to stay

If something happens to your rental and it is so damaged that you have to move out temporarily, your renters insurance will provide the money you need to stay someplace else and even for some meals. It will be a huge help in a difficult time. 

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