After Market Add-ons and How They Can Affect Your Auto Insurance

Owners love to customize their vehicles. Old or new, many choose to upgrade sound systems, tires and wheels, lighting, bumpers, and more. Pick-up trucks are raised, giant upgraded bumpers are attached, and a variety of other options are added. Cars can resemble those in video games. At North Coast Insurance Services in Lexington, MI, we want you to be aware that if you are making upgrades to your car or truck, it may prompt a call to your auto insurance agent.

Upgrades Impact Value

When you invest a few thousand dollars in new rims and tires, a sound system, or even a specialized paint job, it will likely impact the value of your vehicle. This increased value may not be reflected in a standard "book value." If that vehicle is stolen or vandalized, it may not be covered for its real value. Your auto insurance policy may need an upgrade.

Upgraded Vehicles May Be More at Risk

Face it. Reasons to upgrade a vehicle include making it more appealing. And attention-getting. Unfortunately, this can make it a bigger target for theft or break-ins. Reach out to your auto insurance company to ensure you are sufficiently covered.

Engine and Power Upgrades

Cars may also have upgrades made to improve performance. When this alters horsepower, it could possibly impact auto insurance coverage. We can help.

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North Coast Insurance Services serves the Lexington, MI area drivers with insurance for a wide range of vehicles. If you are investing in after-market upgrades to your vehicle, make sure you are covered and reach out to us. We will be pleased to provide a complimentary car insurance review and price quote. We look forward to assisting you.