Tips For Owning and Buying A Classic Car

In Michigan, a classic car or vehicle is one that is over 26 years old and purchased as a collector’s item. When your vehicle meets the requirements, it can be registered as a historic vehicle, and you will receive a historic plate. The vehicle should only be driven for pleasure and in historical events, but you will find Michigan to be a lenient state for driving classic vehicles.

 In the month of August, classic car owners can drive their cars every day and back and forth to work. To help our customers buy a classic vehicle, North Coast Insurance Services in Lexington, MI offers the following guidelines.  

Tips For Owning and Buying A Classic Car

Decide Where You Want to Purchase Your Classic Car

There are three places you can purchase classic cars: an auction, a private owner, or a car dealer. An auction offers a large variety of cars for sale, but prices may be high, and it is hard for you to get an inspection before purchasing. 

When you buy from a private owner, it takes more time to find the car you want. Be sure to have it inspected before purchasing so that you will know the condition and what needs to be repaired. Often, you can get a good price on a classic car from a private owner.

Dealers sell classic cars, and you can look at many models, and they will let you test drive the cars. They often have mechanics that inspect and repair the cars before they are sold. Getting a third-party inspection before buying is another option.

Inspect The Interior and Exterior

Look at the exterior for rust, chipping, or lack of paint, damage to parts, dents, and repairs that have been made. When you check the interior, look at the upholstery, and rugs, and check to see if all the lights, seats, heat, air, and other equipment work. Check to see whether you can replace parts if you plan on remodeling or updating the car. 

Classic Car Insurance 

At North Coast Insurance Services in Lexington, MI we offer classic car insurance that offers collision, accident, and property damage, and  coverage for injury to yourself and others. Call us to learn what coverage is best for your classic vehicle.