Four of the best advantages of having classic car insurance

Classic car owners should invest in insurance coverage that’s tailored to their unique needs. At North Coast Insurance Services, we’re here to assist classic car owners in Lexington, MI. 

Classic car insurance policies offer plenty of advantages.

The following are four of the best advantages of having classic car insurance:

Coverage for spare parts

Spare parts for a classic car can be especially costly. Fortunately, classic car insurance can offer enough coverage to pay for expensive and rare spare parts that are used on antique vehicles. 

Vehicle appraisals

Having your classic car appraised is helpful because it lets you know just how much your classic car is worth at any given moment.

Fortunately, a lot of classic car insurance providers will provide routine vehicle appraisals to policyholders to ensure that they compensate policyholders properly if a claim is filed. Having these appraisals done is a great perk of carrying classic car insurance. 

Coverage for an agreed value

Classic car insurance policies can offer an agreed value in the event of a total loss.

With an agreed value policy, the policyholder knows that he or she will receive a certain amount for their vehicle regardless of how much their vehicle’s value has changed recently due to depreciation. 

Flexible classic car usage options

Classic car owners don’t typically use their classic vehicle the way they would use a standard vehicle that’s used for transportation.

Classic car insurance policies can be adjusted to a policyholder’s vehicle usage amount. This ensures that policyholders’ premiums can reflect the fact that policyholders drive their classic cars only very infrequently. 

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